About DIRA

DIRA stands for Disaster Resource Allocation.

A system from the Enlightenment

DIRA is part of Adam Smith's proposed socio-economic system that deals with natural disasters, specifically food shortages and famines.

"As the freedom of the inland trade is the best palliative of a dearth and the most effectual preventative of a famine, so is the freedom of the exportation and importation among the states of a great continent. One part of the continent will be less exposed to calamities the larger the continent, the easier the land and water communication through it. The scarcity of one country would be relieved by the plenty of another. But very few countries have entirely adopted this liberal system.." (Wealth of Nations Book 4)

DIRA is not made by some academics or programmers in an airconditioned office. It is based on the experiences of disaster relief volunteers from AMURT who have experienced the Aceh tsunami, Myanmar Nargis cyclone, and Philippine typhoon Haiyan.

DIRA is funded by a combination of volunteer work, barter, donations, and partnerships, all with very little need for cash. This eliminates 'burn' and allows us to continue indefinitely.